Started in 2012, Detroit Pianoworks is a family owned manufacturing company that specializes in the in-house design and creation of custom high-performance retrofit piano keyboards and actions.  Our dedicated 1,800 sq/ft key-making facility is located in Sterling Heights, Michigan, a suburb north of Detroit.

Detroit Pianoworks also offers piano tuning, regulation, repair, and action customization services to a select clientele in the metro-Detroit area.

Certified Piano Technician Richard Cromwell tuning a Boston GP-215 PE 7' Grand Piano.

Richard T. Cromwell

Detroit Pianoworks: Owner & Piano Technician

I have been a full-time professional in the piano industry since 1998, with my primary focus since 2009 being on the design and crafting of fine custom retrofit piano keyboards for the trade.

When not working on pianos, I often can be found playing them. I love to study jazz theory as well as the works of Chopin, Bach and Beethoven. I have recorded and performed on numerous occasions including concerts in New York City and Japan. Some of my favorite pianists are Glenn Gould, Horowitz, Bill Evans, James Booker, Gene Harris, Monk, Oscar Peterson, Teddy Wilson, John Medeski and a lot more.

I also enjoy exploring and studying the latest digital design and manufacturing techniques, traditional woodworking,  and artistic expression.

I live in Troy, Michigan with my wife, two young daughters, and a piano.

To become a piano tuner of the highest skill, many things are necessary; but what may be lacking at the outset may be acquired by study and practice.
— J. Cree Fischer, "Piano Tuning", 1907