ABOUT DETROIT PIANOWORKs founder Richard Cromwell

I am an experienced and professional piano technician who helps my clients make better music and enjoy their piano investment more by providing the highest quality technical services for their instrument. In addition to on-site, concert-quality piano tuning, regulation, voicing, and the installation of piano humidity control systems, I am trusted by many of the world’s most highly regarded musical institutions, concert venues, recording studios and piano rebuilders for my expertise in the design and fabrication of custom piano actions for their most prized vintage instruments.

I also enjoy exploring the latest digital design and rapid prototyping methods and have an A.A.S. in Technological Sciences focusing in CAD and an A.G.S. in General Studies.

I am constantly engaged in the piano's centuries-old technical culture at the highest level and work hard to preserve and enhance it by utilizing a blend of old-world craftsmanship and today's most cutting-edge technology.

Throughout the course of my 20 year career in the piano business, I have also helped hundreds of clients to acquire millions of dollars worth of new and used pianos ranging from modest previously owned spinets to one-of-a-kind, limited-edition handmade masterpieces.

When not working on pianos, I often can be found playing them. I love to study jazz theory as well as the works of Chopin, Bach and Beethoven. I have recorded and performed on numerous occasions including concerts in New York City and Japan. 

I live in Troy, Michigan, with my wife, two young daughters, two cats, and a piano.

Certified Piano Technician Richard Cromwell tuning a Boston GP-215 PE 7' Grand Piano.

To become a piano tuner of the highest skill, many things are necessary; but what may be lacking at the outset may be acquired by study and practice.
— J. Cree Fischer, "Piano Tuning", 1907